Tracks and panels

Track 1. Cities and Violence 

Cities as salient sites where violence and conflict develop and affect the lives of citizens.

Track 2. Cities and sustainable development

Cities as salient sites where (spatial) planning and (sustainable) development ideas are applied, and where grassroots and governments alternatingly clash or collaborate in order to simultaneously build cities and structures of citizenship.

Track 3. Cities and identity

Cities as salient sites where citizen’s identities and resistances are expressed and repressed.

Track 4. Open for suggestions

Cities as salient sites for other themes related to urban life and urban development.

Individual Paper Proposal Requirements:


  • Contact information (name, e-mail address, and academic affiliation of the applicant; Individual proposals featuring more than one author (joint proposals) must include contact information and biographical statements for all authors;
  • Track to which the proposal corresponds;
  • Paper abstract (up to 500 words) with the title of the paper, references and no more than five keywords;
  • Biographical statement (up to 100 words) in narrative form.

Panel Proposal Requirements:


  • Contact information for all panelists (names, e-mail addresses, and academic affiliations; a standard panel format consists of a chair and three or four presenters, with a maximum of five presenters);
  • Track to which the proposal corresponds;
  • Title and short description of the panel theme;
  • Abstract (up to 500 words) for each paper;
  • Biographical statement (up to 100 words) for each panelist in narrative form.

Please send your individual paper and panel proposals to no later than Thursday March 31th, 2016. Notifications of acceptance will be sent before May 1st, 2016.